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Ketonic Resin

Ketonic Resin

We are chiefly engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Ketonic Resin. The Ketonic Resin is available as water white solid lumps. Ketonic Resin is a good substitute for natural alcohol soluble resins like shellac. Ketonic Resins (KTR) have good solubility in ethanol and fairly high softening point. These properties help Ketonic Resins’s use in flexography and gravure printing inks. Our Ketonic Resin can be used with short oil alkyd in formulating solvent free heat set adhesives. Further, Ketonic Resin can also be used in nail polish, wood polish etc. The Ketonic Resin can be availed at pocket friendly prices from us.

  • Printing inks
  • Paper coating
  • Lacquer
  • Nail polish coating
  • Aluminum foiling
  • Jari work
  • Nitro-cellulose paints
  • Vinyl chloride copolymer systems
  • Adhesives
  • Ball-point pen pastes
  • Toner
  • Pigment
  • Hot melt compounds
  • PU-systems
  • Varnish paints for surface treatment of wood, metal and paper

  • Characteristics

    CAS No. 25054-06-2
    Physical form Lumps
    Appearance Pall Yellow Broken Lumps
    Melting Point (Capillary) 90 ± 5oC
    Softening Point ( B & R) 95 ± 5oC
    Acid value mgs of KOH/gm. 0.3 max.
    Hydroxyl Value mgs. of KOH/gm. 250 min.
    50% Solution in lower solvent
    Colour on Gardner Scale
    Viscosity at 30oC on FL B4

    1 Max.
    20 2 secs.
    Note : The information given on this leaflet is based on our laboratory experimental work and is correct to best our knowledge. We are not responsible any loss, injury of damage resulting from the use of this information.